Adele Credits Her Success to...Sarah Palin?

She's actually got a great point.

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Adele might have a lot of people to thank while winning (all the) awards, but the Brit credits one person for her success in the U.S.: Sarah Palin. 

If you're all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like we were, allow us to break it down. *clears throat, does quick vocal warmup*

The 27-year-old singer's second album, 21, sold a record 30 million copies worldwide and launched her into superstardom back in 2008—but it was serendipity that made her such a household name in the states.

"The week I was doing [Saturday Night Live], it was meant to be a normal week but the week after, Sarah Palin was supposed to do it," Adele explained of her 2008 SNL appearance on an upcoming BBC One special, airing this Friday. 

"Because something came up in the campaign, she came and did the week I was doing it with Josh Brolin. So it was one of the most watched SNLs ever, and then it was two weeks before the Grammy ballot, which is when people decide what songs they want to maybe nominate, so, like, literally the stars aligned for me," she continued. 

"And then the album shot to number one on iTunes, I was nominated for a Grammy, and I won one. I mean, it was a joke. It was a *joke.* All thanks to Sarah Palin," she said. Oh, Adele. We wouldn't credit Palin with...well, really anything. 

Watch the teaser below and see the interview and performance on BBC November 20 at 8:30 p.m.

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