Spencer Pratt Apologizes for Comparing 'The Hills' Getting Cancelled to 9/11

Spencer and Heidi Pratt Compare 'The Hills'' Cancellation to 9/11

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Update, 2/20: After likening the cancellation of MTV's The Hills to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a contrite Spencer Pratt is hoping you'll forgive him for making such a misguided comment. Below, the former reality TV villain's five-part Twitter apology:

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Original post, 2/19: Spencer and Heidi Pratt have managed to stay out of the spotlight for the past few years (it's been the best of times and the worst of times), but they're back with some important life updates.

The reality couple have an extensive profile in Vice's Broadly, where they talk about their relationship, their dwindling fame, and—most importantly—their love for crystals.  Highlights (or lowlights, depending on where you fall on Team Speidi) can be found below:

Spencer really loves Heidi: "I love Heidi because she's the most special angel I have ever come across. Heidi is like the sunset."

They took The Hills' cancellation hard: "The Hills getting cancelled was our 9/11."

Heidi invented twerking: "I was twerking before it was twerking. It was my own creation." 

Crystal power helped Heidi heal from surgery: "I felt the crystals were helping. Whether it was just metaphorically, or just a placebo effect. Spencer was like, 'Wow! These crystals are really working too.'"

Spencer sought magic when the media turned on him: "I needed, f*cking, a spell to get us out of there. I needed some Harry Potter magic. You could feel the energy, the hate. We needed to counteract this darkness."

And finally, they wouldn't change a thing: "The biggest misconception about us is that we wouldn't do it all over again."

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