Maggie Smith's Reaction to Being Kissed by Leonardo DiCaprio Is Appropriately Fangirl-y

Maggie + Leo forever, to be honest.

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In a clear bid to out-cool the Oscars, the BAFTAs implemented a Kiss Cam at this year's ceremony, giving Leonardo DiCaprio and Dame Maggie Smith a chance to act on the sexual tension that has clearly been brewing between them for decades. 

It was a beautiful moment for all parties involved (note how Maggie went in for round two after Leo kissed her neck), and Maggie was as chuffed as you would expect."He did indeed [kiss me], and that was the thrill for me. A real thrill," the 81-year-old actress cooed during an interview with NPR. "I think he is a terrific actor. And I've been rootin' and votin' for him since What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He was so amazing in that when he was so young—really a very young boy, wasn't he?"

Yes, Maggie, yes he was. And look, we know Leo typically dates women his own age (ish), but if all else fails, the Dowager Countess seems down.

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