Miley Cyrus May or May Not Wear Clothes to Host 'SNL' This Weekend

But there's no question she thinks Leo DiCaprio has bad manners.

Miley Cyrus Hosting SNL October 2015
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Bypassing the trouble of picking out another pair of bejeweled pasties, undercover reporter Miley Cyrus might just host this week's season premiere of Saturday Night Live nude.

In the first promos of the season, the Dead Petz singer, who acted as mistress of ceremonies at this year's VMAs, contemplates pants, wears shroom earrings, and throws a phone exactly like Hannah Montana would.

Elsewhere in Late-Night TV Land, Miley appeared on Jimmy Fallon, where she recalled what happened at her last SNL event, the 40th-anniversary show after-party. 

"It was kind of weird," she said. "I was sitting there and was 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio sitting there with his mom, and he was hitting a vape pen. But it wasn't him that was making me nervous. I was feeling this emotion because there's like an [etiquette] when we're there—you need to pass that sh*t, Leo, and he never did. So that was weird to me."  

Maybe Leo's hogging tendencies are why he and Rihanna didn't work out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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