Why 'Neighbors 2' Star Kiersey Clemons Is Going to Be Your New Favorite Actress

And how crystals come into play.

Kiersey Clemons
(Image credit: Guy Lowndes)

You know that thing where you go see a movie and get blindsided by an up-and-comer who kinda steals the show? That's Kiersey Clemons, who made a splash last year in indie favorite Dope and takes her turn on the wide-release big screen in Neighbors 2, out now. Here, a primer.

Good Girl Gone Bad: "There's never been a movie like Neighbors 2—we never get to see college girls being comedic. I play Beth; she embraces being a human being, like, I want to learn about myself and my sexuality, make new friends, smoke weed, get drunk...She'd totally be down with crystals."

Origin Myth: "Two years ago, while walking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I saw a street vendor selling crystals. He talked me into getting a rose-quartz necklace, and I carried it around everywhere."

Going Once, Going Twice: "I started following girls on Instagram, like @rocksforthespirit. She'll post a photo of a crystal for auction, and you bid in the comments. One time, I really wanted this huge teal-colored crystal. I didn't even know what the stone's properties were, I was just like, That's beautiful; I bet it does great shit; I want it. I was bidding up to $400! Then a friend came over, and I forgot about bidding and lost. That's God telling me, 'You need to calm the fuck down. You don't need that—you don't even know what that does.'"

I can trick myself into thinking I'm healing myself—that makes me feel like I'm a goddess.

Sorry Not Sorry: "I understand why people believe it's a placebo effect—there's no physical evidence that crystals heal you—but, to me, that makes it better. That I can trick myself into thinking I'm healing myself—that makes me feel like I'm a goddess."

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Photograph by Guy Lowndes, Fashion Editor: Brittany Kozerski. This article appears in the June issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now

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