Amy Schumer Is *Already* Facing Body Shaming Backlash Over That Barbie Casting News

The trolls wasted no time.

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Just yesterday, news broke that Amy Schumer is set to star in Sony's upcoming live-action Barbie movie. Less than 24 hours later, the trolls are out in full force on Twitter, because of course they are.

The movie will reportedly follow Schumer's character's journey to find self-confidence and inner beauty after she's kicked out of Barbieland for not being "perfect enough." TBH, it sounds like a perfect role for Schumer, who has openly advocated for positive body image and thinking beyond traditional beauty standards.

But not everyone agrees and (sadly, predictably) the trolls are already speaking out, taking to Twitter to voice their contempt for Schumer's casting. Much of the criticism is outright body shaming, because Schumer's real human body doesn't match up with Barbie's unattainable plastic one.

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But thankfully, others are defending Schumer's casting, pointing to things like, you know, her comedic talent and proven track record in entertainment as reasons to celebrate the news.

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Plus,as Esquire's Culture Editor, Tyler Coates, rightly pointed out, most of the vocal opponents to Schumer's casting weren't really the Barbie movie's target demo anyway.

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