Why Is Everyone Talking About Olivia Wilde's "Special Salad Dressing?"

What in the absurd celeb gossip is going on here...

Olivia Wilde
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Olivia Wilde's "special salad dressing" has been trending for days now, and I may never log off Twitter again.

So here's what you need to know about this utterly bizarre piece of gossip, which has the internet enthralled.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' former nanny speaks to the 'Daily Mail'

The exes' former nanny spoke to the Daily Mail, alleging that Sudeikis found out that Wilde made her "special salad dressing" for Harry Styles (whom she's now dating), and didn't take it well, to put it mildly.

"Jason told me: 'She made this salad and she made her special dressing and she's leaving with her salad to have dinner with [Harry],'" the nanny said.

"I said, what salad dressing? He said: 'She has a special salad dressing she makes for us and she's taken it to have it with him now.' I don't know what was in it. 

"Out of everything, he was like, 'she made her special salad dressing and took it to him.'"

According to the nanny, the Ted Lasso actor "lay under her car" to prevent the Don't Worry Darling director from driving off with the dressing.

Already, you can see how this can have been turned into a pretty fascinating story, but that's only the beginning, so buckle up.

Wilde and Sudeikis release a joint statement denying the nanny's allegations

The exes, who have publicly appeared not to be on great terms over the past few months (I won't get into it, sorry), released a joint statement to put on a united front amid their former nanny's accusations—and in order to protect their two children, Otis and Daisy.

"As parents, it is incredibly upsetting to learn that a former nanny of our two young children would choose to make such false and scurrilous accusations about us publicly," they told Page Six.

"Her now 18 month long campaign of harassing us, as well as loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached its unfortunate apex. We will continue to focus on raising and protecting our children with the sincere hope that she will now choose to leave our family alone."

The 'Daily Mail' story appears to be taken down

At some point in this whole ordeal, the Daily Mail story in which the nanny's quotes were published appeared to have been taken off the website. We don't know why.

The internet loses its mind over the "special salad dressing"

By now, the Twittersphere has gone into a complete frenzy. The jokes are top tier, so I will share some of my faves with you.

One person wrote, "'why does anyone even care about celebrity gossip?'

"I just read a headline that said jason sudeikis laid down in front of Olivia wilde's car to stop her from bringing Harry styles a salad with special dressing. I'm just supposed to scroll past that and go on about my day???"

The answer is no, absolutely not.

Someone else mused, "Googling 'Olivia Wilde salad dressing what happened' is, I think, the lowest point of my not not-long life"

If that describes what led you to this article, a warm welcome to you, my friend.

Another user said, "I need olivia wilde to drop her salad dressing recipe that bagged harry and had ted lasso throwing himself under her car"

Don't worry, we're getting to that.

Someone else wrote, "yolk only omelette with special salad dressing and a negroni sbagliato"

I'm afraid this is too many layers of internet inside jokes to explain right now, but I will say this: James Corden is involved.

Another person released an important PSA: "Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde won't see your jokes about salad dressing, but your friends who have lost relationships because of salad-dressing-related fights will"

Thank you for your service.

Wilde appears to share the salad dressing in question on Instagram Stories

Wilde gives the people what they want, in a gesture that's both heroic and, let's face it, fairly messy.

She took to Instagram Stories to post a page out of Nora Ephron's autobiographical novel Heartburn, a book released in the aftermath of its author's divorce from Carl Bernstein.

Said novel explains how to make a certain salad dressing, and whether or not this is actually the one Wilde makes is just another insane detail to theorize over.

It reads, "Mix 2 tablespoons Grey Poupon mustard with 2 tablespoons good red wine vinegar. Then, whisking constantly with a fork, slowly add 6 tablespoons olive oil, until the vinaigrette is thick and creamy; this makes a very strong vinaigrette that's perfect for salad greens like arugola [sic] and watercress and endive."

Well, that's lunch sorted, eh?

People freak out over the "Wilde" Nora Ephron parallels

Don't worry, Twitter was also very funny about this development.

"The infamous salad dressing recipe being directly taken from a novel about Nora Ephron's nasty divorce, oh baby this is camp!" one person wrote.

Someone else went deep: "Olivia Wilde got that salad dressing recipe from Nora Ephron's 'Heartburn.' Nora Ephron wrote 'Hartburn' because Carl Bernstein cheated on her. Carl Bernstein is famous for breaking Watergate. So, if you think about it, it's really all Richard Nixon's fault."

Someone else was confused about the integrity of the narrative: "It’s confusing to me that Olivia Wilde (& Jason) claimed that the nanny made the entire thing up, only for Olivia to share her salad dressing recipe which seemingly confirms the texts are real?? What an odd choice."

Someone admired the sheer courage of it all: "olivia wilde’s messy separation special salad dressing is from heartburn??? babe that’s like 4 layers of mess in a single instagram story i’m so sorry i ever doubted that queen"

And someone else was, by contrast, utterly convinced about the narrative integrity: "if olivia wilde's 'special dressing' really is nora ephron's heartburn salad dressing........well then that is the first time any of this has made sense"

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