Prince Harry Says He Doesn't Know If He'll Come for the Queen's Jubilee Yet

His family's security is still an issue.

Prince Harry
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The 2020 Invictus Games end tomorrow, April 22, and Prince Harry has done a lot of reflecting on what's important to him since they began.

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb was the lucky recipient of the Duke of Sussex' latest musings as part of an exclusive interview in The Hague, in which they covered a ton of ground.

The duke adorably revealed that "Archie spends more time interrupting our Zoom calls than anybody else," which I'm sure is extremely relatable to all the parents among you.

Kotb asked the royal about Archie's personality, if he has the duke's same "cheeky thing."

"Yeah, no, I think so," he said. "Look, I always try and keep that. I think the cheekiness is something that keeps you alive."

The interviewer then moved on to the Sussexes' flying visit to the Queen on their way to the Netherlands. "Being with her, it was great," Harry said. "It was just so nice to see her, you know. She's on great form. She's always got a great sense of humor with me, and I'm just making sure that she's, you know, protected and got the right people around her."

Finally for all curious souls out there, Kotb asked the question on all of our lips: Will the duke make it back in June for the Jubilee celebrations?

"I don't know yet, there's lots of things, security issues and everything else," he explained. "So this is what I'm trying to do, trying to make it possible that I can... get my kids to meet [the Queen]."

When asked if he missed his brother and father, the duke kind of swerved the question, possibly indicating that whatever tension there was there has yet to be resolved. He steered the conversation back into safer territory: his own kids.

Archie "is into the 'why' stage," he said. "'Why this, why that, why that?' And instead of just trying to, like, I don't know, moving on, I give him the most honest answer that I can and then he goes on and on and on until he's satisfied, and then that's it, it's done."

He revealed that he tells Archie all about Princess Diana, as well. "Do you ever feel your mom's presence?" Kotb asked.

"For me, it's constant," the duke said. "It has been over the last two years, more so than ever before. It's almost as though she's done her bit with my brother, and now she's very much, like, helping me—got him set up, now she's helping me set up. That's what it feels like. ... She's watching over us."

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