Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Planning to Move to Windsor This Summer to Join the Queen

It's not the first time we've caught wind of these plans.

Prince William Kate Middleton
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There's a bit of a royal reshuffling going on right now.

After spending more and more time in Windsor Castle, rather than in Buckingham Palace, the Queen has announced that she is making the Berkshire house her primary and official residence.

And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have been dividing their time between Kensington Palace in London and Anmer Hall in Norfolk in recent years, are reportedly planning to join Her Majesty in Windsor this summer.

The Sun reports that they are considering private homes right now, rather than the royal-owned Fort Belvedere or Frogmore House. They also won't be taking up apartments in Windsor Castle itself, apparently.

The Cambridges are also looking at schools for their children, in the nearby counties of Buckinghamshire and Surrey, as well as in Berkshire.

The royal couple is rumored to favor Lambrook School in Ascot (Berkshire) for Prince George, though other sources claim they prefer Marlborough College (where Kate Middleton was once a student), which is a co-ed school and therefore would be suitable for both George and Charlotte. Please note these are all just rumors as it stands.

That said, there is some amount of substance to the claim that the Cambridges plan to relocate to Windsor. Back in November, there was already speculation that the move was on the cards.

"I think there are a number of reasons why they would want to make such a move, and absolutely proximity to the Queen is one of them," royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told Express at the time.

"She’s had a pretty tough year, including losing Prince Philip, and one doesn’t picture the Queen alone... She’s definitely going to be feeling a sense of solitude related to losing her husband, something that many people will be familiar with," Sacerdoti added. "If William and Kate move to be closer to her, that could certainly help in that respect, and indeed [to have] children there."

It was also said at the time that Windsor was more conveniently located for the countryside-loving Cambridges than Norfolk, which is a few hours away from London and makes commuting difficult.

There were more rumors that the royal couple would move to Berkshire in February, when it was also noted that the county was where Middleton grew up.

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