The Queen Has a Special Phone, and Always Answers for Two Callers

Good luck trying to reach Her Majesty directly.

queen elizabeth and princess anne
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Part of being in the royal family means dealing with some sensitive and private matters—which is a problem, considering how often members of that same family have had their phones hacked by rabid tabloid journalists. Kate Middleton’s phone was hacked around 155 times over just a few months in 2005 and 2006. But the Queen has taken some special steps to ensure that her phone calls stay private, especially during conversations with her family, according to a royal expert.

The Queen’s phone was set up especially by MI6 and is “packed with anti-hacker encryption,” according to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, per Express UK. Sacerdoti noted, though, that only two people have “instant access” to Her Majesty through this special phone. He continued, “The two people she phones the most [are] said to be her daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager John Warren.”

Giving access to the Queen’s special phone to Princess Anne makes sense, obviously. It’s her daughter and she’ll want to keep in touch. But if the fact that the Queen’s racing manager can reach her at any time seems weird, consider that John Warren is the son-in-law of a long-time family friend, the late Earl of Carnarvon, the guy who—fun fact—owned the manor used for Downton Abbey.  

The Queen has a proven love for horse racing, and her racing manager is in charge not just of the Queen’s horses and their training, but of the breeding and acquisition of bloodlines for those horses. In short, when you’re as into Thoroughbreds as the Queen is (and she’s a real Horse Girl), it becomes less of a hobby and more like a series of investments. So that’s why John Warren’s instant-access to Her Majesty also makes sense. 

And there you have it! Those are the people who can get in touch with the Queen at any time—even through a secret agent-encrypted anti-hacking phone. 

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