Meghan Markle’s Next Act Could See Her Become a “One-Woman Show” Professionally

“It looks a lot like, for the first time, the couple are truly on divergent professional paths.”

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It rolls off the tongue as easily as if it were one word now: Harry and Meghan. We are so used to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle doing basically everything together—whether during their brief time as working royals or, after, as cofounders of Archewell—that to think of them as anything but a unit career-wise seems…weird. But that could be in the cards very soon, multiple outlets report.

Page Six reports that Meghan could soon be a “one-woman show”—no, not in her personal life, but professionally. For instance, only she actually produced content for Spotify (although it doesn’t much matter anymore, since that deal was axed earlier this month), and only she signed with William Morris Endeavor (WME) earlier this year. While Harry and Meghan still have their Netflix deal very much on the table, they might also be poised to do their own thing, too. (Nothing wrong with that—in fact, there’s a lot right with it.) 

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“It is looking increasingly like the duchess has traded their Sussex double act for her own one-woman show,” Daniela Elser wrote for “Meghan—and only Meghan—has a new super agent and reportedly ‘offers have been pouring in’ for Meghan—and only Meghan.”

Elser is referring to talent agent Ari Emanuel, who will lead the team representing Meghan at WME. Meanwhile, Harry’s Netflix series, Heart of Invictus, will premiere in August, and Meghan and her team are “plotting her next chapter,” Elser writes. 

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“It looks a lot like, for the first time, the couple are truly on divergent professional paths,” she continues.

While we’re excitedly anticipating what exactly Meghan (and Harry) does next, rumors suggest she could be lining up projects that range from relaunching her blog, “The Tig” to social media partnerships to possibly even writing a memoir of her own, a la Harry’s Spare

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