Prince William Feels “Helpless and Scared” One Month After Princess Kate’s Cancer Diagnosis

In her video message announcing her diagnosis, Kate praised William for being “a great source of comfort and reassurance.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Just imagine, for a moment, if you will: your father and your wife have cancer, diagnosed in the same month. You are raising three kids 10 years old and under. You are continuing to work, and the eyes of the entire world are upon you. The entire world collectively lost its mind over your wife within the past months, including a late night talk show host dredging up years-old affair rumors that aren’t even true. Add to it all that your wife’s cancer is no doubt bringing up past trauma of losing your own mother far too young, when you were 15 years old. That’s a sampling of what Prince William’s life is like right now.

Us Weekly reports that William feels “helpless and scared” as his wife, the Princess of Wales, continues to battle cancer, the type and stage of which is undisclosed (and will likely stay as such). After undergoing abdominal surgery on January 16, by the end of February cancer had been detected, and Kate announced publicly last Friday that she is undergoing treatment for it and would be (rightfully so) taking further time away from royal duty to focus on her health. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate announced on Friday that she had been diagnosed with cancer two months after undergoing abdominal surgery; William has been a primary caretaker for her throughout it all.

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“William is trying to be there for Kate and helping in every way he can,” a source speaking to the outlet said. “He’s been doing schoolwork with the kids and spending time with them in the afternoons and evenings.”

In addition to Kate leaning on William more than ever, the kids are, too. While they have employed Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo as their family nanny since 2014, William and Kate “are involved in every aspect of the kids’ lives,” Us Weekly reports. 

Of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, “They know their mother is sick and is trying to get better,” they said, adding that the kids are coping as well as can be expected.

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis

As ever, Kate's number one priority remains her children George, Charlotte, and Louis.

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“They wanted to wait to tell the world the news until their children were off school for Easter break so they could have time to process it before the whole world was talking about it,” they said. Through everything, Kate’s number one priority has been George, Charlotte, and Louis, as is the same for William. 

“She tires easily,” they said of Kate. “But she’s been trying to spend as much time with her kids as she can.”

Of finding out she had cancer, “Kate was shocked when they found the cancer and in shock for a while after,” they said, adding that both William and Kate “were not ready for the diagnosis.” (Is anyone?) The two have been trying to process the shocking news in their own time: “The day the family found out was the day William canceled going to the memorial of his godfather, King Constantine of Greece,” they said. That day—February 27—was also the day that the internet and social media interest spiked after William pulled out of the service at the eleventh hour because of what was labeled a “personal matter.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate reportedly found out that she had been diagnosed with cancer one month ago today, on February 27.

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Though recovering, “Kate has been working from home, but she is unsure when she will feel ready to step out,” the source said. “It’s up to her when it comes to getting back in the public eye.”

As Kate herself said in her brave video message, “I am well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal in my mind, body, and spirits,” she said. It’s also worth noting here that she called out William for his love, care, and support, mentioning that William—who she has been married to for 13 years as of April 29—has been “a great source of comfort and reassurance.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton

No words necessary.

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