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5 Quick Beauty Fixes (Using Products You Already Own!)
Shampoo as makeup remover? Toothpaste as zit cream? If you're in a pinch, here's a list of home remedies you can use as a temporary substitute.
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You Can Buy Great Hair
Who says you're stuck with the hair you have? It's easy to change yo…
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
How Important Is a Guy's Hair?
I head to the other side of town to see my gay hairdresser so he can…
Beauty News From Marie Claire
Seductively Sexy Hair Products
Beauty News
Shampoo for a Good Cause
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
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Healthy Hair 101
Secrets to shinier, sexier, healthier hair
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Fix Dry Hair
Is your hair dull and over-processed? How to fix it and keep it healthy and strong.
s factor flat iron shine spray
Shine-Enhancing Hair Products
The secret to shiny locks? Keeping your hair as healthy as possible. How to up the shine factor.