How Important Is a Guy's Hair?'s male blogger talks about the importance of hair to a guy.

I head all the way to the other side of town to see my gay hairdresser so he can have his way with me. Wait, that didn't sound right — I let him sculpt my hair however he wants. I don't do so well at styling it like he does for that "just out of the salon" look. He shakes his head at me and says: "Well, at least you try."

Sometimes, I need a hair tutorial.

That's why I jumped at the chance to try out some new products from my friends at AXE. They've come up with some shampoos, a conditioner and hair styling formulas that are "girl approved".

Asking my sisters or girlfriends for approval for my dumb schemes to attract girls is a common occurrence. I seek help for everything, right down to how my collar appears when it's poking outside of my sweater.

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AXE Hair hosted a great event at a nice looking salon. A celebrity stylist and grooming expert, Diana Schmidtke, was on hand to style my hair and give me pointers. Hey, if Ashton Kutcher and George Clooney swear by her, I suppose I could learn something from her.

I learned that AXE has created a line of shampoos that tell a guy exactly what he's getting: for example AXE Lure is a softening conditioner, AXE Intense is a specially formulated shampoo to remove hair gel and other product build up from hair, and AXE Dual is Shampoo/Conditioner in one (yeah guys are stupid-especially about hair stuff).

AXE Hair applies the same naming convention for their styling aids: Messy, Clean-Cut, Shaggy, and Spiked-Up. So now at least I know what type to use as I attempt to go for a specific look.

Diana was very helpful for me; she mentioned a few tactics to use to get my messy look:

AXE Hair is affordable while making an interesting point. If I over spend and over-groom, do women think I'm weird when they spot expensive products in my home (like my pink Bumble & Bumble hairspray)?

I also obtained AXE Hair's survey :

I have a laundry list of things that hurt my chances of attracting a girl, so the least I can do is have good hair-I need all the help I can get. "At least somewhat likely" beats the hell out of my usual chances. Sometimes I think my hair is looking great, other times it just won't cooperate. But, when I think my hair looks good, I gain confidence. And confidence is rare for me.

The survey makes me wonder what characteristics guys think girls find attractive. We love women's hair, why should women not notice our hair?

The simplicity and girl-approved quality of AXE Hair has had a great effect on my friends. I handed some out to my buddies. One night out, I told them I had used the "Messy" paste:

"I have that Messy stuff in my hair..."

"So do I," my two friends said one-by-one.

So, guys will defer to girl-approved. We don't want to think too much about it-if you know the answers about certain things, we'll take it. Just tell us what we are supposed to do.

Do you have guy friends who you help by approving their moves and ideas? What are your thoughts on the survey results? Is hair one of the first things you notice when you look at a guy?