20 Websites Every Girl Should Bookmark

We've rounded up our favorite go-to pages.


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Bib + Tuck (opens in new tab): Sell (or bib) your clothes and shop (or tuck) a curated collection of personal closets.

Gabifresh (opens in new tab): As Gabi's slogan goes, "If you love fashion but you're sick of being told to wear A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints, this is the blog for you."

Need Supply Co. (opens in new tab): Where you can shop an eclectic mix of both vintage and contemporary labels.

A Beautiful Mess (opens in new tab): Elsie and Emma share style inspiration from flea market finds to business casual.

Snob Essentials (opens in new tab): Their Bag Snob category will keep you up to date on every need-to-know purse, tote, and clutch on the market.


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Cult Beauty (opens in new tab): For expert beauty advice and reviews that will have you shopping only quality brands.

The PolishAholic (opens in new tab): This site's thorough nail polish reviews will even show you what new colors look like in the bottle, on your hands, and in the daylight versus indoors.

Power Doom (opens in new tab): A comprehensive beauty blog that's goal is to encourage you to be you, unapologetically and excessively.

She's in the Glow (opens in new tab): A guide to the most essential beauty products with detailed how-to's.

Fit-Bottomed Girls (opens in new tab): Achieving beauty through an active lifestyle and sensible eating habits, complete with workout routines and healthy recipes.


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Studio JB (opens in new tab): This designer's bohemian spirit shines through with her fun DIY projects and decor inspiration.

The Sill (opens in new tab): This site says plants make people happy, so they offer plant design, delivery, and maintenance services.

Impatient Foodie (opens in new tab): Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann shares her love affair with food through recipes that use ingredients available at a farmers market at any given time.

The Everygirl (opens in new tab): Check this out before embarking to a new city for hotels, restaurants, and things to do at every price range.

A Cup of Jo (opens in new tab): Joanna Goddard offers up her take on everything from weddings and relationships to motherhood.


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Career Girl Network (opens in new tab): Advice on everything from networking to the interview to climbing the career ladder.

Pitch, Bitch! (opens in new tab): A network for female writers, working to close the "confidence gap" and the gender disparity in pitching and getting published.

Brand Yourself (opens in new tab): This site empowers you to control what people find when they Google your name.

LearnVest (opens in new tab): A 7-step action program with powerful tools and a dedicated financial expert to help you make progress on your money.

The Muse (opens in new tab): The ultimate job search resource that helps you end up somewhere you love.


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