20 Apps You Won't Be Able to Live Without

Get ready to download! We're sharing our 20 must-have apps that will kick start your relationships, health, and career in a click.

1. KillSwitch: (opens in new tab) This app discretely removes all traces of your ex from your Facebook profile.


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2. Sleep Cycle: (opens in new tab) This alarm clock analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase so you feel refreshed instead of groggy.

3. CardMunch: (opens in new tab) This app quickly scans and organizes your business cards—it's like have a personal assistant on the go.

4. Goodreads: (opens in new tab) Keep track of what you've read, what you want to read, and what others think of the books they've read. Plus, get killer recommendations on great reads.

5. BillGuard: (opens in new tab) Non-scary personal finance right at your fingertips. It's tracks what you're spending and protects you from fraud.

6. Scoutmob: (opens in new tab)It knows where you are at any given time and gives you great deals at restaurants around you.

7. HealthTap: (opens in new tab) It's a doctor on your phone! Get advice, tips, and more without the waiting room.


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8. Omvana: (opens in new tab) Helping you be a better you with the most personal development audios anywhere.

9. Mextures: (opens in new tab) Move over Instagram and Photoshop, this app has a massive collection of filters, grains, textures, and more for your photos.

10. Packing Pro: (opens in new tab) Like a nagging mother, this app will never let you forget a thing (and we mean it!) when it comes to travel.

11. Mint: (opens in new tab) The easiest way to see all of your banking accounts in one place that will help you make better financial decisions.

12. myPill: (opens in new tab) You will never, ever miss a pill again. Trust.


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13. Beautiful Me: (opens in new tab) This app instantly detects your skin tone and measures the changes in your features, makeup, or hair to suggest the best products for purchase.

14. Textalyzer: (opens in new tab)Analytics for your text messages

15. MINDBODY Connect: (opens in new tab) When you're looking for an open yoga, Pilates, or other group class, this app will tell you how to find it

16. Pepperplate: (opens in new tab) This is your sous chef. This app will help manage recipes, create menus, plan meals, and more!

17. Circle of 6: (opens in new tab) Allows you to stay connected and safe to prevent violence before it happens.

18. Clue: (opens in new tab) Clue is a period tracker that will help you prepare for your next period or understand your changes in mood.

19. GateGuru: (opens in new tab) A door-to-door travel app that will help you shake the stress of getting to your gate on time to board.

20. Instapaper: (opens in new tab) Takes away all of the clutter and just leaves you with glorious plain text to easily read articles on the web.


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