A Michelle Obama Podcast Is Coming to Spotify

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Some exciting news to start off your morning: A Michelle Obama podcast is officially coming to Spotify. It's the first project released through Spotify and Higher Ground Productions, the production company founded by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, in a multi-series and multi-year partnership.

"The Michelle Obama Podcast" will premiere for free on Spotify on July 29, 2020, and "will bring listeners the former First Lady’s most candid and personal conversations, showing us what’s possible when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to open up, and to focus on what matters most," according to a Spotify press release. The former First Lady is expected to talk about everything from the pandemic to racism, and hopes to spark important conversations with loved ones.

"My hope is that this series can be a place to explore meaningful topics together and sort through so many of the questions we’re all trying to answer in our own lives," Mrs. Obama stated in the same press release. "Perhaps most of all, I hope this podcast will help listeners open up new conversations—and hard conversations—with the people who matter most to them. That’s how we can build more understanding and empathy for one another."

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Guests of the podcast will include friends, family, and colleagues like Marian and Craig Robinson, Conan O’Brien, Valerie Jarrett, Michele Norris, and Dr. Sharon Malone MD. You can listen to Mrs. Obama introduce her podcast here or directly below.

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