The Emotional Stages of Watching 'Game of Thrones'

Spoiler alert: ANXIETY, ANXIETY, ANXIETY, Jon Snow is hot, ANXIETY.


It's Sunday! The best day of the week. Yes, I really should focus on finishing up my presentation for tomorrow, but unless my manager wants Throne analogies on how the Google algorithim is seeding content, it's probably a good idea to wait until after the show. All I care about right now is finding something to fill the gap between now and GOT time.


It's almost 9pm. This is going to be the best hour of the week! I wonder what will happen? Who's going to die? I can't wait any longer.

Second Guessing

I have fifteen minutes before it starts. I've been pacing back and forth from my couch to the kitchen and back again. I need something to calm my nerves. I'm going to mix up a Game of Thrones cocktail (opens in new tab). I have a strange feeling that I might need it.

game of thrones

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Is HBOGo going to crash again? Because that was worse than Theon's torture and I have no problem harassing HBO on Twitter again. I really should spring for actual HBO instead of mooching off my friend.


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It's S.T.A.R.T.I.N.G. Let me perform my interpretive dance to the most amazing musical score of all time.


Hmmm. Who is this guy again? I swear I've never seen him before. What is this place? Is this important? I wonder what the White Walkers are up to right now.

game of thrones

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More Anxiety

Only fifteen more minutes left. I have a feeling something really terrible is about to happen to someone that does not deserve such a fate. But there's no wedding scheduled to take place in this episode, so we're good, right?


I CANNOT watch. I'm putting my hands over my eyes. Okay, I'm peeking. Nooooooo!

game of thrones

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Seriously, George R.R. Martin? Can you just throw us a bone once in a while? Aside from that time you killed Joffrey, you are a very cruel man.


WHY?! I need to text all of my friends for emotional support. And I'll take another cocktail.

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