10 Thanksgiving Songs That Pair Well with the Sound of Turkey Being Chewed

"Is that Tupac?" —Grandma Nell

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In a few short months—the interim of which you will revel in autumn, even though it lasts about three hours—it will be the holidays, and you will once again run yourself ragged being jolly and spending time with friends and family. Grand! For Thanksgiving, we've compiled (not curated) a mini mix to set the right mood for the proceedings (fun but not out of hand) and the rest of the season (tired but grateful).

1. Bob Marley, "Give Thanks and Praises" 

Super chill and blissed out, meaning it's a good one to put on when that tryptophan kicks in.

2. Blood Orange, "Dinner"

The lyrics are kind of a downer, but nobody's listening anyway, and what they can hear sounds like Prince.

3. Drake, "Keep the Family Close" 

If the turkey is seasoned properly, reserve the salt for the music, like this tune, which most guests will enjoy because it is Drake, and just about everyone will appreciate because it's about fake friends/people who have wronged you and are no longer welcome to enjoy roasted meats and various carbohydrates with you.

4. Frank Ocean, "Thinkin Bout You"

And if the turkey needs salt (damn it, Aunt Karen), simply add this one to the queue, because it will make you think of a certain someone who's not at the same table, and it will make you cry. Festive!

5. Green Day, "Macy's Day Parade"

Not enough decibels to trigger Grandpa Bob's heart condition, but just enough nostalgia to stir up some feels.

6. Mac DeMarco, "Cooking Up Something Good"

You can just tell your suspicious aunt it's about cooking *food*, not whatever else she thinks it might be. Nevertheless, that guitar tone is enough to distract any relatives who've been watching the news lately.

7. Otis Redding, "I Want to Thank You"

Every playlist needs a bit of soul.

8. Ray Davies, "Thanksgiving Day"

I mean, it's got the words right there in the title and a '60s soul vibe. What else do you want?

9. 2Pac, "Dear Mama"

While one could argue that crack addiction is not an appropriate topic for the dinner table, gratitude for one's mother 100 percent is, as it should be every other day of the year.

10. Vince Guaraldi Trio, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

You gotta.

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