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The Best 'The Bachelor'-Inspired Gifts for Your Bachelor Nation Friends

...Will you accept this gift?

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As the holiday season approaches, so too does your hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Do you have a friend that religiously binges the latest season of The Bachelor and then talks about it all week? Is Bachelor in Paradise her favorite summer guilty pleasure? If so, these gifts will be perfect. Regardless of whether you’re team Dean and Caelynn and their adventures in the van, live for John Paul Jones and his antics, or you just can’t wait see "Pilot Pete" step into the role of Bachelor next season, there's truly something for every type of fan. Plus, we're not going to judge you if you’re just in it for the wine nights and the over-the-top scandals—there are items on this list for you, too.

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The Punny Mug
Stagecoach Mug
AliasInc etsy.com

Whatever you thought of Blake, you were undoubtedly gripped by all the Stagecoach drama that took place during BiP. This mug works as a stocking stuffer, or can be paired with any of the other gifts on this list. 

To Buy In Bulk
A Shirt Dedicated to Peter
PopSpring etsy.com

Buy a handful of these for your Bachelor squad to curl up into on Monday nights. Because the show just isn't the same if you're not all wearing loungewear, is it?

For Friends With Dogs
Chris Harrison Dog Bandana
Chris Harrison
MutleysBandanas etsy.com

How else will the world know that your dog is a Bachelor Nation fan?!

The Subtle Pick
Rose Wine Glasses
Shopbop @Home shopbop.com

If you're not quite ready to declare your love for America's real favorite pastime, keep these rosy wine glasses on hand. They'll look cute without anyone guessing you're a superfan.

For Your Bathroom
Ben Higgins Toilet Roll
The Funny Bunny Co. amazon.com

I don't even know what to say about this, frankly. But I know I need it in my bathroom.

For Any Day of the Week
"Can I Steal You For a Sec?" Baseball Cap
PinkSundaysStudio etsy.com

If you want to declare your love for all things Bachelor on a regular basis, throw on this hat and call it a day. Only true fans will get the reference. 

The Meme Shirt
A Hannah B. Shirt
CoolCoolCoolTshirts etsy.com

A good way to separate members of Bachelor Nation from, well, everybody else you meet is to walk around wearing this shirt. If they giggle, you know they're your people. If not, well, don't try to explain.

The Practical Pick
Making Waves Wine Glasses
Paper Source

If your Monday routine includes a fair amount of wine, you don't want to have to worry about breaking a glass—or two. These plastic glasses allow you to drink all you want, guilt-free. 

For the Home
A Final Rose Print
HopefulRomanticArt etsy.com

This pretty print is perfect for Bachelor Mondays, bachelorette parties, and just for looking cute as hell in your living room.

For Cold Nights
"The Most Dramatic Season Ever" Hoodie
StagandPeachCo etsy.com

Get comfortable every time you watch your favorite show in the most dramatic hoodie ever. While the contestants dress up in their best sparkly gowns, you and your friends can buy these matching hoodies to wear at home. 

The Birthday Card
The JPJ-Themed Card
Punderella etsy.com

If you want to wish them an extra special, JPJ-approved birthday.

For Staying Warm
Cozy Socks
YouRockMySocksCo etsy.com

When you turn on the TV and put your feet up on the couch in these socks, your partner or roommates will know not to bother you for a solid two hours (three, if it's a premiere or finale).

For Hannah B. Stans
"Jesus Still Loves Me" T-Shirt

Still inspired by Hannah Brown's "I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me" line while Luke Parker tried to gaslight her? Us, too.

For Three-Hour Finales
Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator
Vinglacé amazon.com

This stainless steel container can keep your favorite bottle of wine or champagne chilled for hours, no ice required. Now you can sip all you want without ever having to leave your couch for the fridge. 

For Daily Inspo
"Professionality" Mug
SayItOnSwag etsy.com

Nothing will inspire your friend when they're drinking their coffee first thing in the morning than Jordan's "professionality" line.

For Your Friend With a Kid
A Onesie
NewmansNewCreations etsy.com

Children leave home eventually, but Bachelor Mondays are forever. Maybe don't say that when you hand this over, though.

The Tell-All
'Now Accepting Roses' by Amanda Stanton

Ever wondered what being on the show is really like? Amanda Stanton dishes all in her new book. From everything that goes on behind the scenes in Paradise to how it feels to fall in love with millions of eyes watching, this really is the most dramatic book ever. 

The Cozy Pick
"Drunk In Love" Sweatshirt
Neiman Marcus
Sol Angeles neimanmarcus.com

When the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise aren't on one-on-one dates, they're most likely sipping cocktails by the pool. Lounge around in style in this super comfortable pullover this winter. 

For Wine Lovers
'The New Wine Rules' by Jon Bonné
$11.46 (24% off)

If you love drinking wine, you might as well learn how to buy it. Bonné walks new wine drinkers through everything they need to know, including which inexpensive wines are actually better than some more pricey items. 

For the Chef
A Tea Towel
Cool TV Props amazon.com

For the friend who insists on cooking you dinner while you're lazing around at her apartment on Bachelor Mondays (here's to you, Hen).

For the Ultimate Fan
"This is the Final Rose of the Night" Leggings
PopArtCloset etsy.com

Pair those custom Bachelor wine glasses with these custom leggings.

The Timely Pick
The Colton Throwback Card
Punderella etsy.com

Is there a truer way to show affection than jumping the fence into the depths of the Portugal countryside? Yes: This card.


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