My Eyes: 'Fifty Shades' Will Be Shown on IMAX Because Normal Screens Just Aren't Enough

Pro: Jamie Dornan's abs. Con: the sounds.

Christian Grey
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No one knows exactly what's going to happen in those crucial 20 minutes, but who cares, now that we can take in every bed-pounce and pancake-making dance break on 72-feet-tall screens plus surround sound?

To the delight of those who are, uh, "cray for Fifty Shades of Grey," the movie will show at 75 venues across the U.S. on Feb. 13, IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster told investors Monday, Deadline reports.

"We're doing it literally at the last moment," Foster said. "We'll be part of it and get some of the walk-up business." Translation: He wants a piece of that $60-million-opening-weekend action. Understandable.

Meanwhile, folks in the Bible Belt are hitting up Fandango like mad, and the U.K. equivalent of Home Depot is battening down the hatches for surges in sales of rope, cable ties, and tape—hey, wasn't that from this scene? Christian Grey has never been so relevant as right this minute, when normally sane people the world over clutch their hard-won presale tickets and whisper, "What are you doing to me?" You know, like in the trailer:

(This is also the part where we thank the heavens above and industry execs for taking out that tampon scene.  That is NOT something we need to see all up close and personal.)

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