There's an Alternate 'Fifty Shades' Ending You're Not Going to See, and It's Causing Quite the Stir

The debate of our lifetimes.

[If, by this point, you still care about what happens in Fifty Shades plot-wise, read on at your own risk.]

One monosyllabic word is getting a lot of people invested in Fifty Shades really worked up—and this time, it's not "penis" or "pouch."

When the movie opens Feb. 13, it will be author E L James's original ending viewers see, not the hipper, hookier version director Sam Taylor-Johnson developed. According to the Hollywood Reporter and a few of those anonymous sources we've come to depend on for information, the film would have concluded with Ana saying "red," her and Christian's safe word, had the creator of this whole phenomenon not put her foot down.

"It ended on a really smart note and Erika wouldn't allow it," says one insider. "It's just a bummer."

Instead, Ana will use the word "stop" and break things off with Christian, leaving an opening for at least a sequel or two. Tough call, we have to say, between staying true to the narrative/yourself and milking a cash cow until it turns into beef jerky. Did Fifty Shades just get way existential? Yes, yes it did.

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