You Can't *Not* Cry Reading This Viral Post About a Kindergarten Class' Reaction to 'Wonder Woman'

Sniffling because I have ALLERGIES, okay? (I don't.)

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If reports that several area women, after seeing Wonder Woman, were seen fashioning swords from yardsticks and pretending to deflect bullets with their bangles are true, then just imagine the sort of impact the film might have on impressionable kindergarteners. Mayhem! Broken bones! Lawsuits filed by the more litigious parents. But the reality? A whole lot of good, as seen in this viral Facebook post.

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Shared by director Patty Jenkins on Twitter, who called the youngsters' response "absolutely incredible," the list includes several items that demonstrate just how beneficial this movie can be to developing minds. (Personal favorite: The 5-year-old girl who screamed "DON'T POLLUTE, YOU IDIOT, THAT IS WHY THERE ARE NO MEN IN THEMYSCIRA" at a classmate who threw his candy wrapper on the floor. Right on.)

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"What's that prickly sensation in the corner of my eye?" you may be asking yourself now. Spoiler: It's a tear, and should Hollywood do as it ought to and continue making female-led movies, there'll be plenty more where that came from.


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