Channel JOWO—the Joy of Working Out—With Propel Fitness Water

Propel's JOWO campaign features free fitness classes, community giveback...and the chance to win workout swag.

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Whether you've never taken an exercise class or you're a regular at the gym, there's never been a better time to get active. Warmer weather combined with open outdoor spaces means you can connect with people who want to come together in the name of fitness. It's not about FOMO but JOWO: the Joy of Working Out. Propel Fitness Water by Gatorade is putting on a fitness tour that aims to spread the love of exercising this summer. 

In the month of August, Propel Fitness Water is headed to Detroit, MI, for the final summer tour stop. During every weekend in August (8/6-8/28), free fitness classes and product samples will be available to all exercisers who show up for a glow up. Propel's lead Detroit trainer, Amina Daniels, who is the founder of Live Cycle Delight (LCD) (two studios that prioritize body work and shared energy), will be one of the trainers leading workouts. 

Daniels is an avid cyclist and yogi, and her studios focus on enjoyment, awareness, and safety. She works hard to promote fitness in her community; LCD has been open for over five years, and their local events have included neighborhood block parties and teen wellness takeovers. 

The JOWO campaign also includes community giveback—Daniels received a donation to help support her fitness work. In total, Propel Fitness Water has donated $100,000 to trainers around the United States who embody the spirit of inclusivity and community that make working out joyous. 

Participants at these live events can look forward to a variety of exercise classes, ranging from running to HIIT and plyometrics, all taught by top-notch instructors. Get ready to sweat and bond with participants in the warm weather at a variety of outdoor locations. Even better? There are a ton of ways to connect and even win free gear. 

Even if you don't live in the area, you can still get involved: Follow @PropelWater on Instagram and post a post-workout selfie using #JOWOGlow for the chance to win workout swag. Propel Fitness Water wants exercisers of all ability levels to participate in their campaign—and it doesn't matter how you like to work out, so long as you're channeling your JOWO.


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Propel Fitness Water is formulated for fitness and the perfect companion to all this exercise. Made by Gatorade, it’s the only zero-calorie, zero-sugar electrolyte water beverage among national enhanced-water brands with enough electrolytes to replace what's lost in sweat.

To find their own version of JOWO, people who live in Detroit can join trainers, including Daniels, for free fitness classes at the #PropelYourJOWO tour stops in August. Learn more and see the schedule at

No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes. It is only open to those 18 or older who reside in Michigan, and it ends 10/31/22. For complete details see the Official Rules.