Demi Moore Wanted to Challenge the Idea That Women "Become Less Desirable as We Get Older" With Her New Swimwear Line

Heck yes to this.

Demi Moore
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At 59, Demi Moore sees no reason why she shouldn't be allowed to feel sexy—nor should she (see any reason, I mean).

The superstar actress has collaborated with swimwear brand Andie on a new collection of bathing suits that can be worn just as well by her as they can by her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (coolest celebrity kid names alert).

And not only are these swimwear pieces for women of all ages, they're also available in sizes 0 to 26, a far more inclusive range than that of so many mainstream brands out there.

Moore spoke to People about the inspiration behind the swimwear line, and dropped the mic time and time again throughout the interview.

"For me, a big part about what was inspiring about this Andie collection was thinking about the things that women feel sensitive about, whether it's their tummy or other areas of the body," she said.

"They don't want to look matronly or not feel sexy or desirable. That was really something in my own mind, which is changing this idea that we become less desirable as we get older."

In short, she wanted these swimsuits to help women feel like their best selves, starting with the campaign photos she modeled for.

"I probably fit into the category that has not been the most confident about my body. And I think that part of even doing a [swimwear] shoot, no matter what, it is extremely vulnerable," she said. "I felt so supported and encouraged—even while dealing with my own body dysmorphia. ... I really do hope it makes women feel confident."

The star also shared that her daughters helped her with the creative process behind the line.

"They're such inspirations and bring me a different perspective than just my own. Particularly with the bikini bottoms," she explained.

"I tend to have a preference for a much more '70s cut—I like to wear my bottoms very more low cut, and all of my daughters much prefer a very high cut, '90s.

"And I wanted to make sure that just because that isn't my preference, that I didn't exclude that. We tried to create a bottom that could be worn both ways."

Queen sh*t, if you'll pardon my French.

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