Marie Claire Editors on Their Cringiest Fashion Choices From the Aughts

That's hot.

marie claire editors talk about their cringiest fashion choices from the aughts
(Image credit: Design By Morgan McMullen and Wanyi Jiang)

I've officially been living in my childhood bedroom again for six weeks. Staying safe and staying at home means I’m back with my old roomies (hi, mom and dad!) and to be honest I feel like it’s 2006. I’m re-watching Entourage from the beginning, I made a DIY beaded choker, and High School Musical reunited on my television screen (still bitter that Zac Efron didn't sing with the cast but let's not dwell). All of this time spent in my childhood home has me reminiscing about the good ol' days. The early 2000s—better known as the aughts—were a wild time for music, entertainment, and, most importantly, fashion. Let’s celebrate the decade that gifted us the “Famewhore Uniform”: Juicy Couture tracksuits, fur-lined Ugg boots, and a venti latte from Starbucks. It might not be one of fashion’s finest eras, but it sure was entertaining.

Sported by It girls such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan, the trends of the aughts were as varied as they were (retrospectively) terrible. There was the "going out top," low-rise denim, and trucker hats. We saw dresses over pants, ponchos, and asymmetrical skirts. Don't forget platform flip-flips, mini everything (skirts, bags, dogs), oddly placed belts, and lots and lots of bedazzling. Whew. That was a ride and I left some stuff out.

When one reflects, one might say, “it was a simpler time.” Well the beginning of this millennium was not a simpler time; it was a time to be ALIVE. To take you back to those days, I enlisted the help of my fellow MC editors, who have graciously shared their own cringeworthy outfit pics from the aughts. From Myspace to, laugh along as we dissect our worst (best?) early 2000s looks. As the Aughts Queen herself once said, “That’s Hot.”

Shelby Comroe

Shelby Comroe is the Credits Editor and Fashion Assistant at Marie Claire covering all things fashion and giving credit where credit is due. Check her out @shelbycomroe on Instagram if buying designer handbags is your idea of a retirement plan!