11 Leopard Print Midi Skirts You Can Work Into Your Everyday Outfits

This print is basically a neutral.

These Leopard Print Midi Skirts Are Easy to Wear
(Image credit: Getty/Christian Vierig)

The leopard print midi skirt isn't a new style phenomenon, so if you're surprised that you don't already own one—or are in search of a new skirt to add to your wardrobe repertoire—you've come to the right place. The printed skirt counts as a neutral in my book and is as easy to style as a pair of blue jeans. You can wear your midi skirt with everything from a basic white tee to of-the-moment strappy neon sandals. And you'd be surprised to learn just how many variations of the classic leopard print skirt there are on the market. From satin and silk pieces to pleated designs, the options are endless. Don't fret over all the different choices, however, we've found the fiercest skirts available. Your quest for a leopard print skirt that suits your fashion taste and budget ends here.


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Jaclyn Palermo

Jaclyn Palermo is a Fashion Editor with the Hearst Fashion Group, specializing in accessories. Standing under 5 feet, she’s never afraid to make a big fashion statement, preferably at an art opening, and is always on the hunt for the perfect vintage home find in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram @j_palermo.