The 17 Best Linen Skirts Worth Shopping Ahead of Summer

They're the best way to embrace the pants-free season.

Linen Skirts
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Think of your dream summer wardrobe. It probably contains a few pairs of breezy linen pants and linen dresses alongside some denim cut-offs and tank tops. If you stopped at just those pieces, you would be missing my favorite—and possibly the most underrated—summer wardrobe essential: the best linen skirts. The laid-back style is having a resurgence in 2024, and I found the ones most worthy of your closet.

Linen skirts, like linen shorts, often get lumped into the swimsuit coverup category—the kind of item that you would only wear on vacation—but they are so much more. They’re a solution to the oldest summer fashion problem in the book: That sticky feeling that comes with wearing a close-fitting garment on your body after a day spent in above-eighty-degree heat. Instead, you want pieces that will help you look put-together on even the hottest of days. Yes, linen skirts are vacation material, but they can just as easily work as a summer office staple, too.

The linen skirts reviewed ahead are made from either 100 percent linen or a combination of linen and another lightweight material, like cotton. Blends with other fabrics can keep the skirt from wrinkling throughout the day without adding weight, so don’t swear off pieces that have multiple percentage marks in the description just yet. 

Keep scrolling to shop 17 of the best linen skirts arriving early for summer. Consider this to be the perfect way to get ahead of warm weather shopping before temperatures rise and each skirt sells out.

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