The 12 Best Cell Phone Purses You'll Use Every Day

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite accessory.

model wearing a cell phone purse
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Forget the cute but impractical mini bags you've seen the internet repeatedly obsess over—the new must-have bag is all about functionality. Pack light with a slim and sleek crossbody bag designed to hold the most essential accessory: Your phone. Introducing: the cell phone purse, also known as the "phone bag." Fashion blogger Jessica Wang explains the appeal of the tech-cessory: "There’s not much you need these days besides your cell phone, ID, and a credit card, and most of these are already accessible on your phone," she says. "And there’s nothing more liberating than carrying just a small, lightweight crossbody bag—I love that it can be hands-free when I’m running errands."

The cell phone purse is for both the woman on the move and the girl about town, fitting almost exclusively your phone, keys, and a couple of cards. They're "statement-making pieces that you can find in various textures, colors, and prints, adorned with chains of all sizes, [and] will accentuate any outfit," Wang describes. 

Basically, it's time to shed the dead weight of an overstuffed tote. We're all about easy, breezy, and light this season—find our picks for the best cell phone purses, ahead.

The Best Cell Phone Purses

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