Christian Louboutin Is Launching Nude Ballet Flats for *All* Skin Tones

Come through, Christian.

Female ballet dancers with outfits that match their varied skin tones.
(Image credit: Sofia et Mauro for Christian Louboutin)

Thank *goodness* designers are getting woke to the fact that there are more skin tones out there than that nondescript Crayola "peach." With his Solasofia ballet flat, launching today, Christian Louboutin is expanding his Nudes collection—and the market for leg-lengthening footwear.

The Solasofia—a pointed-toe nappa leather slipper adorned with a bow—follows two pump styles (the Pigalle Follies and Iriza) and the Senora T-strap peep-toe heels, all of which are available in four different shades of nude.

Fun fact: The material mimics the texture of *human* skin, which is both fascinating in a Buffalo Bill kind of way and amazing in that it will give you 8-feet-long stems. Worth every cent of the $595 price tag, if you ask us.

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

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