This Is the Sexiest Thing to Happen to Pants Maybe Ever

My body is ready.

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(Image credit: Design by Betsy Farrell)

In our present imbroglio, fashion might not seem to have much of a place—it never does. Until you consider the significance of Hillary Clinton's lapel during her concession speech. The double pussy-bow blouses our new First Lady wore during the debates. Safety pins. The sartorial is personal is political.

It might not make much sense to spotlight a pair of naughty trousers from award-winning brand Y/PROJECT right now, but hear us out. The specs: leather, waist ties, and a strategically placed keyhole that doesn't allow for sitting or canceled waxing appointments even though you're so single you haven't even got anyone to drunk-text.

But do it for the pants—THE PANTS—which, mercifully, can also be worn with a pubis-hiding shirt tucked in. (Also eyeing this improbably chic chaps-JNCOs-like hybrid—they're really doing wonderful things with bottoms these days.)

And the political bit? Well, for one, wearing these in an America soon to be governed by a known sexual predator would be an act of daring and defiance in itself. But it's during times like these we most need provocative, confrontational fashion—we need fashion that says "I grab back." And this, friends, is that.

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

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