The 14 Best Linen Pants for Easy, Breezy Summer Outfits

Bring it on, 90-degree weather.

woman wearing linen pants and sandals
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Fact: The best linen pants are crafted from one of the best fabrics you can pull on during scorching hot summer weather, bar none. Linen's fibers are quick-drying, breathable, and sustainably-made. (The material is actually crafted from flax, which is biodegradable, requires little water to grow, and uses the entire plant.) Truly, lightweight linen is the perfect summertime material to lounge around in.

Marie Claire editors happen to spend summer living in all forms of linen. (The team has even tested and reviewed the best linen dresses, linen blazers, linen shorts, linen skirts, and linen suits to prove our collective devotion to the fabric.) Of them all, there's nothing quite like owning a classic pair of the best linen pants—ones you'll want to wear every day. 

So, Marie Claire editors took the time to round up a few of the cutest-ever options for a long summer ahead–and our selections do not disappoint. They’re stylish, yes, but some of our favorite pairs are also priced at under $50. These summer-ready bottoms are entirely crucial to surviving heat-wave-level temperatures: Face it, even the best summer dresses in your closet need a break from time to time. Style your favorite linen pants with your summer outfit essentials, or just throw them on over a bikini on your next beach vacation. 

Ahead, shop the 12 best linen pants to try this season, knowing full well that one of these pairs will end up in your warm-weather outfits for good.


The Best Linen Pants

What to Look For in The Best Linen Pants

Linen pants are one of the most versatile and classic pieces you can add to your wardrobe, so it’s important to carefully consider the details before you purchase a pair. From the fabrication (are they made from 100 percent linen or a blend?) to the length and style (cargo options are trending, straight-leg linen pants are timeless) to the color (do you want a white pair, or something more fun?) there are a ton of tiny decisions to make along the way.

“I usually look at the material and fabric makeup, since a lot of linen pants are a blend,” says fashion stylist Olivia Rose about what she considers on her hunt for, as she puts it, the “ultimate summer pant.” The way you plan to wear your pants will affect which fabric you end up trying. "If you want that lighter feeling, go with 100 percent linen," she says, "and if you want a little more weight or structure, a cotton/linen blend is great."

The best linen pants for 2024 come in just about every different print, pattern, color, and even hemline length, giving you a buffet of adorable linen bottoms to test.

How to Care for Linen Pants

Now that you’ve invested in your favorite pair of linen pants, there are a few things you should know about how to properly maintain them. Finding the perfect piece is only half the battle when it comes to building your dream wardrobe over time—the other half of the journey is making sure that you tend to your pieces so they last. That’s why I turned to Theresa and Corinna Williams, the co-founders of Celsious, a sustainable garment care provider and laundromat in Brooklyn, New York. Ahead, they break down everything you need to know before you throw them in the wash with the rest of your clothes. 

  • “Make sure to always sort your clothes by color before washing to prevent dye transfer."
  • “Wash your pants together with like colors only. Zip up zippers and turn your pants inside out before washing.”  
  • “Ideally, machine wash on a delicate cycle–to reduce shrinkage, which linen, especially if it has not been pre-washed, is prone to—with cool water and a gentle detergent."
  • “Always steer clear of bleach and softeners, which can weaken fibers and hinder breathability. If you are worried about shrinkage—linen can shrink an average of 4% with its first wash—consider going for a hand wash, massaging your garment lightly, and never wringing it out.”  
  • “Before tossing your pants in the dryer, double-check the care label on whether they can be tumble dried. If they can, dry with wool dryer balls on low, which will also help loosen up wrinkles. If not, hang your pants to dry. For a wrinkle-free finish, iron or steam. The Steamery Cirrus 3 can do both.”

Meet The Experts

Bogdana Ferguson.
Theresa and Corinna Williams

Theresa and Corinna Williams are the co-founders of Celsious, New York’s premium sustainable laundry service and online destination for garment care solutions. Their Celsious line features 100% biodegradable products formulated free of dyes, bleaches and preservatives.

Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose

Olivia moved from her small New England town to Nashville to study music business at Belmont University. She found her ideal place in the industry through the intersection between music and fashion. After assisting celebrity stylists in New York and Nashville, she built her own client base of musical artists, celebrities, commercial brands and personal styling clients. From red carpet events to music video wardrobe, Olivia works with Luke Combs, Brother Maven, Kev Kelly, Avery Anna, Peytan Porter and more. She strive to incorporate a unique and personal story with each look she styles, and believes that developing a connection with her clients is essential in cultivating a sustainable creative image that will stand out. I Olivia has also worked with brands including Cartier, Frye, Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, and many more.

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