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Mission Impossible: 10 Perfect Pairs of Denim Cutoff Shorts

You'll live in these so much this summer you might as well pay rent.
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DIYs can lead to jagged edges and one leg ending up longer than the other until you end up with denim diapers trying to even them out. Store-bought, though safer, doesn't guarantee 100 percent satisfaction either, with the risk of weird crotches and pre-rolled hems. The search for the perfect cutoff jean shorts never ends—except here, with these 10 pairs, it just might.

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Just call this guy Goldilocks: not too tight, not too short, with a just-right broken-in feel and wash.

Black Orchid, $154; blackorchid.com.


As with everything else the French brand produces, these are the platonic ideal. So for once in your life, try not to drip hot dog juice onto the bleached denim.

APC, $130; net-a-porter.com.


Also v. French with the high rise and symmetry, but in a more relaxed Bardot way. (Though you wouldn't want to get melted fior di latte on these either.) 

Aritzia, $65; aritzia.com.


Meanwhile, back in the good ol' US of A, we've got these acid-dripped, exposed-button-fly Bombshell shorts. 

Good American, $155; goodamerican.com.


Or these highly classic, darker-wash ones that come pre-turned-up.

J.Crew, $80; jcrew.com.


Those who can't...buy. (Though how will you know if you don't try?) 

H&M, $30; hm.com.


Okay, adding awnings to a preexisting pair is probably too difficult. 

Mango, $50; shop.mango.com.


The culottes of shorts, because no matter what the haters say, awkward pants are still it.

Gap, $20; gap.com.


Whip(stitch) it real good.  

Topshop, $60; topshop.com.


The RompHim's main draw is the zipper fly; this has that *and* decorative buttons. 💪

Zara, $36; zara.com.

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