Power Pick: Pandora’s Moments Collection Just Cemented Why the Brand Is So Personal to Me

I’ve fallen in love with the new pieces.

(Image credit: Original Illustration by Amy Armani)

Welcome to Power Picks, a monthly series on the things that help us navigate our lives, step into our personal power, or simply get us through our day-to-day. Our hope is that by sharing what makes us feel great, we can help you feel great, too.

There are only a few pieces of jewelry in my carefully curated collection that I would describe as daily staples, and most are from the beloved brand Pandora. The Pandora Moments collection, to be exact, has taken my jewelry game to another level. I was once against loud pieces and often resorted to dainty necklaces and rings because I assumed only they offered the elegance I was after. I was wrong. The pieces in the Pandora Moments collection are not only personal and unique but also elevated enough to wear every day.

I shouldn’t be surprised—Pandora has always combined versatility and refinement, which is why its pieces have been a part of some of my most personal life achievements. (I still wear my graduation charm bracelet from time to time.) Among the Moments collection’s most captivating pieces are a zodiac dangle charm crafted from 14-karat gold-plated metal, classic charm hoop earrings, and a celestial-blue braided-leather bracelet. But that’s not all—there’s a piece of jewelry here for everyone, whether it’s a sleek studded-chain necklace, a sparkling solitaire diamond ring, or anything in between. 

Every time I wear any of my Pandora pieces, I’m inundated with compliments, but my most complimented piece has to be my zodiac bracelet. The brand’s zodiac jewelry is both personal and whimsical, but there’s also something so perfectly minimalist about it that makes me want to wear it every day. And with my birthday coming up, I decided to mark the occasion with a gold chain bracelet and a new zodiac dangle charm to give it a little flair. (Who says you can’t buy birthday presents for yourself?) I’m keeping a running list of all the most special Pandora jewelry I have my eye on, so if you’re also in the mood to treat yourself, my top picks are below.

Humaa Hussain
Associate Shopping Editor

Humaa is the Associate Shopping Editor at Who What Wear and Marie Claire, covering fashion beauty and home under the Branded Content team. Before joining both titles, Humaa was Commerce Editor at British Vogue where she wrote all affiliate content to help build up on organic E-Commerce revenue. When she’s not trying to save the world one cashmere sweater at a time, on her off days you can find Humaa with her head buried in the most romantic of romance novels.