Exact Change Please.

How much change can we handle? Historically most people do not like change-except in their pocket. Insert obvious David Bowie song lyric reference.

How much change can we handle? Historically most people do not like change-except in their pocket. Insert obvious David Bowie song lyric reference.

I've got some big ch- ch- ch- ch- changes headed my way and I'm honestly not too sure how I'm going to handle them. I know I'll figure it out eventually but wouldn't it be nice to honestly have the confidence to know it will all work out in the end. It'd be a lot less stressful that's for sure.

I've trained all my life for various athletic events and it just dawned on me-I've never really trained for change. I mean it's not like during a marathon they are suddenly going to re-route the course thru a river—but what if they did? How many would seriously be able to handle it?

I suppose I was able to handle change a lot easier when I was younger. In fact, I don't even remember the stress of change during high school or college. Maybe I was just more patient back then? Maybe I just don't remember because I'm all stressed out. As we get older are we are less able or less willing to accept change? Is it one of those things you add to the "yea, I'm getting older…add it to the list" list?

I wonder if instead of practicing so much to swim a faster race, run a faster marathon, follow a better diet-we should instead practice dealing with change. How to deal with situations during a race, issues during the marathon, obstacles during a diet (when you're out dining with friends) and life! It sure would lift a great weight off my shoulders knowing that whatever happens will happen but I'll be able to make it all work. TO HONESTLY MEAN IT AND BELIEVE IT. If I practiced change perhaps my upcoming move would be a whole lot less stressful. So if I can say practicing change may be a necessary skill that can only mean one thing—the need for a coach.

There now seem to be "coaches" available for your every need. Life coach, relationship coach, fitness coach---maybe we (I) need a change coach---someone to coach me thru my changes. Help me feel secure about my decisions, confident, relaxed and successful. Isn't that what every coach really does when it comes down to it? Maybe "exact change" is not too far from the truth. Perhaps I can only handle so much change where others can handle more and others less. Many can run swim and diet more successfully than me. Perhaps we need a measurement of change to gauge our limit. I'm sure the "change coaches" have (or will have) a formula involving age multiplied by some personal set point percentage added or subtracted to a number based on your past change success rate number (figured out by some very long formula too detailed to explain). Maybe even heart rate is worked in-people love knowing their heart rate and how it applies to everyday life.

I don't have time to get a change coach right now but maybe, just believing in yourself, researching your options the way an athlete would train for a specific event and keeping a balance in your life will do just fine. Maybe just being aware that a "change set point" may in fact exist and accepting what yours is, is all you can do. Only take as much change as your pockets can hold. That way you're never weighed down and incapacitated. And make sure you keep it balanced-hold the same amount in your left pocket as your right! More on balance to come.

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