Lactate Balance Point

Here it is in a nutshell.

"fact" (Feldman and Chlebek Test) is an exciting new method for testing and training in any

endurance sport. "fact" is the product of six years of practical research in

the field. The basis of the system is a Heart Rate - Lactate test to

establish heart rates used for training and racing. A sample test data

printout is shown below. The Lactate vs Heart Rate curve (red)

establishes the heart rate for the Lactate Balance Point (lowest point on

the curve) and the line of Heart Rate vs Speed (blue) is used to monitor the

progress the athlete makes as a result of training. The Lactate Balance

Point heart rate is a dynamic value that changes with training and racing.

As a result the blood lactate of an athlete must be continually monitored to

prevent over-training (or in some cases, training at too low an intensity level

for effective adaptation). Lactate Balance Point determined by the fact test protocol

is a true steady state for heart rate, lactate and performance. This

heart rate is crucial information for determining the most efficient training


Now remember, your lactate threshold is not an actual event. It was a concept developed by studies done on 16 elite runners. And just like LT (Lactate Threshold), this Lactate Balance Point does not represent an actual metabolic event.

So I guess the question is....What IS the point? Let me know when you find it.

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