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7 Sleep Supplements for Sweeter Dreams


Maybe you toss and turn for hours praying for the sweet release of sleep, your mind racing from the stress of your day and planning the morning to come. Or maybe you drift off instantly, only to wake up multiple times throughout the wee hours, never fully sinking into a deep and restful state. And sometimes, no REM cycle can even fix what's going on in your psyche long enough to let you relax: When your dream is veering into nightmare territory and your sleep paralysis demon is skipping around your room, you can emerge from a full eight hours feeling mentally exhausted. Whatever the case, if you're a bad sleeper, it might be time to check out one of the many supplements promising a better night's rest. Here, we've rounded up the formulas that actually deliver.

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The Calming Cocktail
Moon Juice sephora.com

Try swapping out your nightly glass of Pinot Noir for a non-alcoholic nightcap that'll really take the edge off. Moon Juice's newest powder tastes like berries without skewing too sweet, and touts three different types of magnesium, a nutrient that reduces irritability and eases the mind. 

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The Herbal Hero
Passionflower Sleep Tincture
Naturopathica naturopathica.com

Passionflower has been used for relaxation purposes for centuries, and it's the star of this soothing tincture. Bolstered by Valerian root, a natural sedative used by the ancient Romans, the formula is powerful enough to make a difference but tastes totally mellow in some caffeine-free tea. 

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The Tasty Tabs
Rest Tablets
Nuun nuunlife.com

If you prefer to work out before bed and can't seem to wind down afterwards, drop one of these fizzy tablets into a glass of water to kickstart your recovery. Magnesium, potassium, and tart cherry expedite the process by helping your body to relax.

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The "Power Off" Button
Sleep Supplement
Kaleidoscope Labs kaleidoscopelabs.com

While anxiety-soothing CBD is the hero of the formula, these candy-colored capsules are packed with a powerful combo of nap-conducive ingredients like melatonin, L-theanine, and Passion flower to help bring your REM cycle back to center. 

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The Sweet Treat
Sleep Melatonin Gummy
Olly amazon.com

As much as you may want to snack on these all night long—they're delicious—stick with the standard two melatonin-packed gummies to drift off faster and stay that way until morning. 

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The Circadian Savior
Age Adapting Sleep Tincture
Flora and Bast floraandbast.com

If you're already a CBD devotee, don't sleep on this option. This stuff is potent, and aims to regulate your circadian rhythm so you fall asleep easier and wake up more refreshed. 

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The Midnight Re-haul
Mighty Night Overnight Renewal Supplement
HUM Nutrition sephora.com

Since your body repairs itself most efficiently at night, these capsules focus on cell renewal by including ceramides and ferulic acid to improve skin function while you're knocked out. Valerian root helps keep you asleep for longer, too. 


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