The 15 Coolest Tech Products Changing the Future

For our annual Next Big Thing list, we rounded up the technologies shaping our lives.

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Artificial intelligence, conversational robots, and custom-fit fashion are here—and they're going to make life much easier. We talked to three experts about the next big thing in tech. Our takeaway? Tomorrowland is looking seamless.


Experience a truly hands-free house with the newest wave of brainy products.

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The Expert Says

“Technology should be in service to humanity. It should support our lives, not be at the center of them. Voice-enabled products are already here. Now we’re asking, how can you use all your senses—eyes, ears, voice, touch—to create fluidity and magic at home? What society dreams and thinks about is ultimately what will get created.”

—Ivy Ross, head of design for hardware products at Google


Personalize all your lifestyle needs in an A.I.-enabled world.

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The Expert Says

“‘Additive manufacturing’ sounds so damn industrial, but it’s the combination of AI, materials, design, and 3-D technology. When it all comes together, you get a massively bespoke approach to designing jewelry, clothing, shoes, even braces. You’ll soon see it come much more into our lives and pervade everything we do.”

—Sue Siegel, chief innovation officer at GE


In the future, machines and humans will work hand-in-wired hand.

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(Image credit: COURTESY OF INTEL, Adam Bacher)

The Expert Says

“If we could mime the brain of Leonardo da Vinci, who wouldn’t want to run experiments on a mind that was able to blend science, math, physics, and arts? Our thirst for information and possibilities will not die down. We’ll have to be careful—but we already live in a world where robots and humans mix. Moving forward, the technology powering those robots will be smarter and more efficient.”

—Aicha Evans, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Intel

A version of this article originally appeared in the October issue of Marie Claire.


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