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13 New Kitchen Items You'll Actually Use—And Will Look Great on Your Grid

Stunning both on Insta and IRL.

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I'm all about efficiency when it comes to keeping myself—and my friends—fed. I'm constantly searching for recipes that are simple yet satisfying, and keeping my cookware in tip-top shape for everyday use. While it's (mostly) about how the food tastes, I'll never pass up an opportunity to make my kitchen and dining area beautiful: I serve feasts in colorful cocottes, grab my chicest dish towels to keep my hands burn-free, and store my flaky sea salt in a pretty tin.

Like most foodies, it gives me a lot of satisfaction to fill my camera roll with photos of everything I eat and prepare, both to admire privately and share with my Instagram followers. But that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice great tools for the perfect photo. Instead of choosing between utilitarian workhorses and cute knickknacks that sit in your cupboard untouched, stock your drawers with these MVP kitchen items, below, that churn out great results and will take your mealtime Instagram posts to the next level.

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1 The Need-to-Have Knives

As far as cutlery goes, these three knives are necessities: A four-inch paring option for dexterous tasks like seeding peppers, a serrated blade for sturdier ingredients like crusty bread, and an eight-inch do-it-all for chopping veggies, cracking garlic cloves, breaking down a bird... you get it. Added bonus: You can personalize this set to match your existing tools.  

2 A Smart Cutting Board

The border ridges on this cutting board aren't just a design choice—they were thoughtfully constructed for collecting juices when chopping up tomatoes, kimchi, and other watery ingredients. Plus, there's an an added well in the corner for shells and scraps. Flip it over, and you'll find a convenient slot that holds your phone while you follow online recipes (!). 

3 Egg Cups That Spark Joy
BIA Bed Bath & Beyond

Do you need egg cups? Absolutely not. Will they elevate your breakfast spread and make you feel like you're dining al fresco with the cast of Call Me By Your Name for a couple bucks? Hell yeah. 

4 Playful Measuring Cups

These adorable vintage-looking measuring cups are the perfect alternatives for often clinical-looking measuring cups. When all of your bowls are in your dishwasher, they could pass for real dinnerware too. 

5 The Prettiest Rice Cooker

Rice feeds the world (it's the most consumed crop on earth), and one batch made in this ceramic cooker will certainly feed you for a week. Its double lid gives the perfect amount of pressure for evenly cooked grains, and its clay insulation will keep your bounty warm during long dinners. 

6 A French Press
Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Perhaps you're in the market for my ($500) dream espresso machine. But if you're on a budget instead, there are plenty of other options to get your caffeine fix like this affordable, tried-and-true Stumptown Coffee Roasters French press.

7 A No-Mess Juicer
Sur La Table

When the produce section is slim pickings and the guacamole cravings are palpable, we're sometimes forced to work with dry, truly sad citrus. Squeeze every last drop out of your parched lemons and limes with this handy must-have juicer. 

8 The Vital Cast Iron Skillet
Lodge Amazon

Consider this cast-iron hero a blank canvas for an aesthetically pleasing weeknight meal (shakshuka, chicken thighs, macaroni and cheese...the mind reels) in addition to being crazy affordable compared to other equally-skilled skillets. 

9 Counter-Friendly Canisters

These air-tight canisters keep everyday ingredients fresh and are way too chic to stow away in your pantry. 

10 Reusable Pot Scrubbers

There is nothing more cringe-y than a bloated, dirty sponge bobbing in sink water. Break the cycle of buying and tossing those germ magnets with some reusable rounds that are easy on the eyes and eradicate stubborn stains from your pots and pans. 

11 A Colorful Dutch Oven
Staub Amazon

This cherry Dutch oven treasure is the answer to all of your dinner party prayers. Concoct large-batch stews, braise short ribs, or whip up saucy pastas in the sturdy pot, then serve guests right from the source for an enviable (and picturesque) table setup. 

12 Rainbow Dish Towels

These multi-colored towels were made to clean up your messes (and look cute doing it). They're machine washable, so don't sweat about getting them too dirty. 

13 Yes, a Spoon Rest
Sur La Table

You don't think you need a spoon rest...until your countertops are so stained from tomato sauce and turmeric that you have to break out the bleach. This two-toned option will look right at home next to your stovetop. 


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