15 Wine Racks That Double as Stylish Decor for Your Home

I'll take two, please.

A wine rack is essential to any kitchen countertop or bar area. They're useful because a) wines should be store horizontally and b) they allow you to display your favorite labels front and center. In addition, wine racks are an easy way to keep track of how many bottles you have left, so you can restock when necessary on your next grocery run. Since the search for cool and affordable wine racks is like hunting down a good piece of artwork—the right wine rack should fit with your home's decor aesthetics—we did a deep-dive into the currently available options. The wine racks ahead range from contemporary designs to more natural, wood-like structures and double as stylish decor pieces too. Once you've selected your rack, fill it up with the best red wines of summer or these rosé options.


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