The Best Board Games for Adults for Your Next Night In

You'll never be bored again.

best board games for adults
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Picture this: It's Saturday night and you're dying to blow off some stream, but it's too cold or too wet to go anywhere. What's a friend group to do? Hear us out: You should play a board game. No, we're not talking about the ones you played as a child. Turns out, there's an entire industry of games specifically created for people over 21. So, grab a bottle of wine (opens in new tab)—okay, maybe several—and get started. From strategy and two-player games to updated versions of Monopoly or Scrabble, you're bound to find a grown-up game on this list that everyone can agree on. Now you can have a perfectly good time without ever having to leave the house—or changing out of your sweatpants (opens in new tab) and hoodie. And if you're doing a Zoom game night, check out our picks for that here (opens in new tab).

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