This Response to the Women Against Feminism Tumblr Is Purr-fect

We're loving this "catty" Tumblr.

The latest addition to the popular medium of self-expression by photographing yourself holding a handwritten sign comes from the viral Tumblr "Women Against Feminism," where women hold signs that declare their disdain for feminism. Reasons for this rejection of the term include "It's just another trend!" or "I am not oppressed!" Obviously, for those who self-define as feminists aren't taking too well to this stream of posts. But it's not just angry words that they're using to retaliate. The latest rebuke to to "Women Against Feminism" is "Confused Cats Against Feminism". Why cats against feminism? The site's founder, David Futrelle, says that the women whose signs filled the feed of the Women Against Feminism Tumblr reminded him of his cats: A little confused and too quick to oppose. What started as a small site that solely featured Futrelle's cats quickly grew once it started receiving submissions. Now, he's got over 10,000 followers and an endless stream of submissions of catowners posing their feline friends next to anti-feminist notes.

Perhaps women who are so quick to denounce feminism should take a look at their comments alongside photos of pampered felines. The most successful posts, according to Futrelle, are those that portray the cats at their most high maintenance, laziest and of course, most confused. Check out a few of our favorites below, and visit the site to see all of the catty posts.

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