Run From The Hills

I realized I just didnt care anymore.

As a loyal fan of the former Laguna Beach crew, I was right smack in front of my TV when the clock struck 10 for the premiere of MTV's The Hills: Season 3 this week. But despite all the Heidi-LC-Audrina-Brody-Spencer drama that is sure to ensue this season, I realized I just didn't care anymore. For starters, the show appears to be completely scripted now. The conversations are painfully forced, unfeeling, and flat. The only reason anyone says anything at all is to move the melodramatics along. Would Audrina really call Lauren in Paris to tell her about Brody's latest womanizing? The girl was only away for a weekend.

And another thing ... I couldn't believe Lauren would stitch a hem into a pricey, borrowed ball gown! Call me crazy, but typically if I'm wearing something that costs more than my life, I'd treat it with some degree of respect. I definitely wouldn't wear it to a club (I was so hoping a drink would spill on her!), or hike it up to ride on some strange man's motorcycle. That's just me. But I guess if my life were a scripted soap opera, I'd probably ruin it, too, and then cry in shock afterward. Go figure.

Daily dishers: Are you tuning in this season? Or is it getting as old as watching Coral on Real World/Road Rules challenges?