Men Are Responding to the #MeToo Hashtag with #HowIWillChange

After swarms of women shared their experiences of sexual harassment and assault online, some men are now pledging to help women in the fight through a similar movement.

Man on Women's March
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In the last few days, the hashtag #MeToo has circulated around social media, as thousands of brave women share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment, demonstrating the pervasiveness of the problem.

After the hashtag went viral, some men are now standing in solidarity with women by sharing their own hashtag: #HowIWillChange.

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Many of the men have pledged to be more vocal in supporting women when they experience sexual harassment or to collectively push to end societal prejudices and damaging cultural practices.

Men's involvement in this movement is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, by stepping up, less emphasis is placed on the victim, and more men are encouraged and pressured to speak out.

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Secondly, feminism does not differ from any other social movement in the fact that it is likely to be more successful and result in longer lasting change when more people are on board. With men supporting women, we are more likely to achieve gender equality.

Here are a selection of the most powerful #HowIWillChange tweets:

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