Romany Malco Needs No Love Guru

Romany Malco, with the tough-guy cut arms and the shiny, meticulously maintained head (he shaves it daily), plays a drug dealer on Weeds and a cheatin' babehound in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He must be a badass in real life, right?

Try lovesick. Affianced. Totally ga-ga. "Having a significant other and potentially having your own family is much more exciting than 'What's the next movie I'm gonna do?'" Malco says of his recent engagement. He proposed to his girlfriend, Taryn Dakha, last New Year's so he could "start every year off celebrating something that matters to my soul." Awww.

The couple met on the set of this month's Mike Myers-with-a-mustache flick, The Love Guru, where Malco plays a hockey star who's forced to see Myers's wacky love doctor when his relationship troubles affect his game; Dakha, a pro skater, was costar Jessica Alba's stunt double (yes, her body is . . . Alba-ish). Malco, who'd never laced up skates before the film's daily 12-hour practices, now hits the ice twice a week.

Other than a love of hockey, what else developed? "A small crush on Justin Timberlake," Malco confesses. (Timberlake plays a rival goalie.) Then there was Dakha. The couple's first date was at the rink, "just like in The Cutting Edge," he says. Um, the guy who made the Virgin line "You're puttin' the pussy on a pedestal" a catchphrase has seen The Cutting Edge? "I love that movie," Malco says, going on to explain how he took things slow with Dakha. "She probably thought I was gay." But no. In fact, Malco's in so deep, he tells us, that he may even let her shave his head.

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