Shades of Short Creek

Initiators of the YFZ raid are stonewalling the recent Texas Supreme Court decision that the FLDS children were illegally taken into custody and ordering Child Protective Services to return the children to their polygamous families. Judge Barbara Walthers, who made the original custody decision in support of CPS, set up a series of hoops for attorneys and their clients to jump through before the Supreme Court order could be accomplished, exhibiting astonishing stubbornness for someone trained in the law! It's not the first time this sect has dealt with adversarial forces. Since the polygamists are steeled for the long haul--the FLDS claim to keep their eyes on their "eternal reward" for living their religion—and since they thrive on persecution, time is definitely on their side. In upcoming blogs we'll explore the discomfiting similarity between the YFZ raid and the raid on Short Creek, Arizona in 1953 which had far-reaching political, legal, and social consequences. Do you think such stonewalling in the face of the Supreme Court decision can be justified?

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