Do You Find it Hard to Say No?

It's nothing new. The weather gets warm and with it comes a slew of invites. Weekend beach getaways, parties, BBQs, outdoor concerts. You name it; it's on my calendar. It's exactly what a good summer is made of. And while it's beating my budget to death, I'm having a hard time saying no as more invites roll in. Not to get all middle school on you, but turning down friends for spur of the moment brunch because I could have a bowl of cereal at home seems a little lame, especially as I'm trying to actually make more friends in a relatively new city. Recently, a few girls invited me out to dinner. I originally was going to pass. I reasoned that it couldn't hurt to sit this one out. Then I completely bailed on logic and went anyway—eating every last guilty bite, thinking, I should've stayed home. I'm not maxing out credit cards or anything like that, but I know I should be stashing way more into my savings and a little less on splurges like dinner out. Perhaps, once the novelty of this warm weather (or sweltering heat, as the case may be) wears off, I'll be more discerning about what events I leave my apartment (and my A/C) for.

Are you swamped with events this summer? How are you keeping your budget on track?

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