Karma Catches Up With FLDS

What goes around comes around--even if you don't believe in karma. In the beautiful Creston Valley in British Columbia, Canada (where Teressa Wall Blackmore raised her children) a split occurred in the polygamous community some years ago. Longtime "Bishop of Bountiful" Winston Blackmore had gathered a loyal following that must have been threatening to Warren Jeffs. Jeffs replaced Winston with a more malleable bishop, one he could count on not to upstage him. But Bishop Winston wasn't willing to be undermined. Half the FLDS community insisted on upholding him as their leader. Those who remained loyal to Warren Jeffs continued going to the FLDS school, but would not allow the "Winstonites" to attend.

Now, years later, Warren Jeffs' self-serving decision has come back on him--like many other decisions he allegedly made (especially the decision to force underage girls into marriages of his choosing). The FLDS school board may soon be relieved of their responsibilities by court-appointed trustee Bruce Wisan. The reason? The Canadian government funds the FLDS school with hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Since half the community of Bountiful (the Winston Blackmore half) is barred from attending the FLDS school, the school board is violating basic rules of public education. So, Warren Jeffs' FLDS board of education special-cased itself right out of the picture. Karma does catch up--even if you don't believe in karma.

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