Here's Justin Trudeau Wishing You a Happy International Women's Day

And you thought this day couldn't get any better.

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After putting up with sexism and fighting the patriarchy, you deserve a true gift this International Women's Day.

So here's something special from your favorite: Justin Trudeau. The Canadian Prime minister released a video statement, greeting the people of Canada you in honor of the holiday with the most pristine diction your ears have ever heard.

In the clip, which looks like a Law & Order outtake, the self-proclaimed feminist celebrates the women who have contributed to Canada's history, but also reminds his viewers that the fight for gender equality has only just begun.

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"Hello my friends and happy International Women's Day. Sophie and I are proud feminists and are raising our daughter and our sons to believe that an equal world is a better and more powerful world," he begins. At this point you may already experience increased heart rate.

"We have achieved real progress in advancing women's equality, especially in the past decades, and much of that progress is due to the tireless and passionate efforts of women. But on International Women's Day, we must remember that there is still much work to do," Trudeau adds with a stern brow.

He goes on to bring more serious issues to light:

"Women around the world receive lower pay and fewer promotions. They are denied legal control over their bodies and their reproductive health. They face much higher rates of violence, harassment and verbal, physical and sexual assault. All of these issues are compounded for indigenous women, women of color and trans women."

"This year, Canada's theme for International Women's Day is 'Equality Matters,' he continues, pronouncing his T's with the utmost precision. "I hope we take this to heart and let it motivate our words and actions."

Trudeau also reminds viewers that women's rights don't only concern women—they concern men too: "And let's not forget the important role that men have to play to advance gender equality in our society."

"On International Women's Day, let's honor the remarkable women in our lives, and in our history, and today—and every day—lets' work together towards a more positive, just and equal world," he concludes.

Still breathing? Great. Now you can swoon over the French version:

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