Study Shows Women Would Rather Be Skinny Than Get Laid

Taghi Naderzad

According to a recent Nutrisystem Diet Index study, a whopping 52 percent of women polled said they would forgo sexual activity for an entire summer rather than gain 10 pounds. It's one thing to be concerned about health and weight loss. But for the love of morning sex, this is ridiculous.

Of course, there are occasions where physical insecurities can be a hindrance in the bedroom: Catch sight of your wine belly and the mood is killed for a hot minute. (At this point, I recommend switching up positions.) But studies of this nature reveal how deep our nation's obsession with "thinness" and the greater issue of body image run. Would we really sooner resign ourselves to an entire season of chastity than tack on some stray pounds? Evidently, yes.

Even more alarming? Twenty-five percent of Americans favored dropping weight over a job promotion. Suddenly obesity trumps not only companionship, but individual successes (and the higher pay that goes with it!).

Americans are obsessed with weight loss. This is nothing new. But what's worse? This distressing viewpoint, or the fact the Nutrisystem, the source behind the above findings, continues to exploit it.

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